How It All Started ! – The story behind SMOKED

It was in April 2015, when I and Ganesh were sipping on some chilled beer at a popular brewery in Bangalore and I happened to bump into my college friend, who at that time was working on ‘Cult Fest’ (yeah the same one which had ‘Cannibal Corpse’ and ‘Suicide Silence’). We spoke about the music scene in India and I told him about the merchandising industry which was huge in the West.


Yes, you guessed it right, he asked us if we wanted to put up a merch stall at Cultfest (since we were already running an accessory brand) and we did pull it off 🙂

The response was overwhelming. We clocked over a lakh of rupees. That night we realized that a lot of brands had popped up with merchandise to exploit segments such as TV Shows, bands, & pop culture but not one single brand had capitalized on music as a genre and targeted the crowd that avidly follows it .


Over these years India had witnessed a significant population of youth who now consumed and followed multiple genres of music.


We saw that as an opportunity to build a clothing brand that deeply explores music, artists and everything around it, that attracts fans, who identify themselves and their personalities with it.


Inspired by the trending music culture in India, we created and designed Smoked around the core concepts of Music.


As avid consumers of various genres of music, we realized that people mostly identified and connected themselves with the artists they followed, the music they created and the lyrics behind them.


So we decided to design Smoked around the lyrics, artist styles, music genres such as rock, Hip-hop, electronica, pop, house, soul, Indian fusion, techno, blues, reggae, and jazz.


Our plan was simple: We select trending genres and then deep dive into the trends of the genre. Design graphics around the meaning of the lyrics and style the clothing that reflects the genre in the most real sense.


So after a couple of years of planning, we launched Smoked in 2017. Here is a look at our first line of collection:


Our vision with smoked is to build a brand out of India that’s synonymous with music and to develop product lines around various music genres, lyrical and artistic inspirations.


Our focus is to create a lifestyle product line that has a fantastic synergy between great artists, varied genres, and fabulous designs.


There’s little telling what the next five years hold for us. However, there is one bedrock of certainty: Smoked will maintain an unwavering commitment to pushing the limits of innovation and design around music based lifestyle clothing. Our brand conceptualization and first collection line is just the beginning of a long and exciting journey ahead!


P.S: We were already running an accessory brand Twach at that time.

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  • Soubhik Ray

    I’m an advertising copywriter who loves telling stories and above all loves music. Rock, 90s alternative, punk, hip hop, blues – each genre has a story of its own to tell. Is there a way for me to join the smoked clothing scene to tell them?

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